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Yates Conversations

08/25/2021 10:31 AM | Anonymous

Yates Conversations  by Tom Reynolds

Last Saturday, Yates County SCOPE had a terrific Pig Roast event with an enthusiastic crowd and numerous political candidates in attendance. Jack Prendergast and all the people who volunteered their time must be congratulated on a successful event where 2nd Amendment supporters could get together to hob nob with each other.  We also learned a lot in the speeches and during follow up conversations.

Obviously, the wake of Cuomo’s resignation was a major topic.

Two things about Cuomo seem to be often repeated facts and should not be forgotten:  his life is politics and he is an unforgiving bully.  Translation: no one expects him to become a monk or do anything that would pave his road to sainthood.

It appears that he will NOT be impeached so he is free to run for federal or state offices in the future. 

Money gives him leverage.  Cuomo has about $18 million in his campaign treasury and the rules for its use are very loose.  There is no time limit on its use, as long as he is alive.  He can use it for legal fees if he is sued - which seems almost certain.  He can use it in some, but not all, personal political campaigns that he might mount in the future.  (He may never go away.)  He can donate it to other political campaigns to keep up his personal influence.

NY Attorney General Letitia James has been absolutely drooling over the opportunity to run for governor, even before Cuomo was out of the way.    She is also the one trying to break up the NRA to further her far-left credentials.  Since a report that her office prepared was the nail in Cuomo’s coffin, will Cuomo seek revenge and use his money and influence and the time he now has on his hands to deny her?  Does a bear…well, you know the rest. 

New Governor Kathy Hochul has already signaled she is going to run for election in 2022; no surprise there.  She has to win the Democrat primary and those usually attract about a third of the voters that will vote in November’s election.  The far-left Democrats have gained power in the Democrat party because they turn out and vote in primaries.  Letitia James has already staked her claim on the far left so will Hochul move radically left to steal those people?  This could lead to a difficult year for the 2nd Amendment with Hochul and James trying to out-Cuomo Cuomo in attacking 2A.  It was also mentioned that Hochul is looking for a Lieutenant Governor candidate to replace herself and, although no one was named, it was hinted that we will not be happy with the candidates. 

NY City mayor Bill DiBlasio will certainly be interested.  As we have previously pointed out, he could unite New Yorkers across political parties since no one wants him to be governor.

Now here’s an interesting kicker.  Will NY Senator Kristin Gillibrand be interested in running for governor?  That raises the possibility of a Senate seat being open and, as pointed out, an unimpeached Andrew Cuomo is eligible and has money to pave the way by investing in Gillibrand’s campaign.  Loyalty to his former Lieutenant Governor will probably not be an issue for Cuomo.  Unlikely political alliances have been formed on less.

State Senator George Borrello made an important point that we are constantly on the defensive as the left doesn’t hesitate to introduce hordes of new anti-gun bills that have to be fought.  (About 100 gun related bills were introduced this year at the state and federal level.)  Borrello is right, we need to stop playing defense and start playing offense.  Of course, for this strategy to be successful, pro-gun politicians have to walk-the-walk and the voters need to hold them responsible.

It’s no secret that Democrats are generally anti-2nd Amendment (especially the leadership and far left radicals) and Republicans are generally pro-2nd Amendment.  There is a reasonably good chance that Republicans could regain both the House and the Senate in the 2022 elections and could begin to safeguard 2A as well as all our Constitutional rights.  But the last two House Speakers, John Boehner and Paul Ryan, have been disappointments to everyone but the Democrats.  Right now, Kevin McCarthy is in line to be the Speaker if the Republicans gain control.  We need to send a clear message to our representatives that they better vote for a Speaker who will stand up for Constitutional principles.  If that’s Kevin McCarthy…great.  But if they think he will be another Boehner / Ryan, they can’t let D.C. politics direct their vote. 

By the way, the Speaker does not have to be a sitting Representative.  I understand Donald Trump isn’t doing anything.  Can you imagine the left media’s reaction to that!   

Michael Henry, who is seeking the Republican nomination for Attorney General in 2022 also spoke and spent a lot of time talking to people.  It’s good to know that we have already surfaced a candidate for that position, fifteen months before the election.

Given that the Democrats have a veto proof majority in both New York houses, it’s doubtful if we will make any inroads concerning the 2nd Amendment, until that changes.  Which is exactly why SCOPE keeps pushing voting, voting, voting!

A 2nd Amendment Defense Organization, defending the rights of New York State gun owners to keep and bear arms!

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