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Election Fraud

11/08/2021 7:22 PM | Anonymous

Election Fraud  by Tom Reynolds

On last Monday we wrote about the real dangers of election fraud and cited several issues which surfaced in the Maricopa County Arizona Audit.  On Tuesday, New York voters rejected three proposed amendments to the New York Constitution; two of which, had they been approved, were open invitations to voter fraud.  Another case has surfaced which demonstrates that voter fraud is a real issue (an “existential” issue as the talking heads on TV like to say.)

Hans von Spakovsky wrote in the Heritage Foundation that the acting U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, has filed four counts against Marie Beren.   Charges include voting more than once in a federal election, conspiring to illegally vote in a federal election and to deprive persons of their civil rights, and aiding and abetting the submission of fraudulent ballots. The latter has wide spread implications.

Beren was an official “election judge” responsible for overseeing and managing three different polling places inside the 39th Ward in Philadelphia.  She served for 27 years (from 1988 to 2015). She officially stepped down in 2015 but according to the criminal information supplied von Spakovsky, Beren still ran all three Divisions from behind the scenes through 2019. 

According to the Justice Department, Consultant #1 would give Beren directions to add fraudulent votes to candidates supported by Consultant #1. Beren would then “cast fraudulent votes” in her polling places“ on behalf of voters she knew would not physically appear at the polls.” 

Beren would also give Consultant #1 reports on how many “legit votes” had been cast as Election Day was progressing.  To avoid suspicion, if legitimate turnout was high she cast fewer fraudulent votes than if the turnout was low,

Consultant #1 would also tell Beren to “shift her efforts from one of Consultant #1’s preferred candidates to another,” depending on how voting was going during the day.

Beren would “also permit and encourage individual voters … to cast ballots” for absent family members and would tell them which candidates to vote for.  She is alleged to have submitted falsified registration lists as to who had actually appeared at the polling places, to cover the absent voters. 

This election fraud scheme is said to have been carried out in both primary and general elections and involved local, state, and federal candidates. As von Spakovsky accurately put it, “No wonder Philadelphia officials were so hostile to poll watchers in last year’s election”.

Consultant #1 is not identified, but Von Spakovsky alleges it is Michael “Ozzie” Myers, a political consultant and former congressman who is currently indicted for other voter crimes in support of Democrats and has a past conviction for bribery - while he was in Congress.  (Remember ABSCAM?)  The case against Myers is still pending. 

In a similar case, the Philadelphia Enquirer reported that another Philadelphia election official, Domenick Demuro, plead guilty to accepting thousands of dollars in bribes to artificially increase the vote totals for multiple Democratic candidates.  He “admitted that a local political consultant gave him directions and paid him money to add votes for candidates supported by the consultant”.

One election official is accused and another has plead guilty to multiple counts of election fraud in local, state and federal elections.  An unnamed “Consultant #1” was involved with both.  And these are the ones who were caught!  Like the Swamp in Washington D.C., we don’t yet know how wide and how deep this goes but, in some past presidential elections there were no / zero / zilch votes cast for the Republican candidate in some Philadelphia election districts. 

Thankfully, the voters in New York shut down two avenues for corruption but, rest assured, certain politicians and their supporters will work tirelessly to open up new paths for voter fraud and corruption while the left-wing media gives them cover.

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