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Speaker Trump

12/08/2021 5:38 PM | Anonymous

Speaker Trump  by Tom Reynolds

Tuesday, we wrote to remind you about some of the interesting side issues surrounding Biden’s seemingly loss of mental acuity and the possibility of Kamala Harris ascending to the presidency.  For 2A supporters, neither is a good option. 

But in SCOPE’s April 12th Email, we wrote:

And just for fun – imagine that Donald Trump runs for Congress from Florida in 2022 and is elected.  Once elected, he runs for Speaker of the House in a Republican majority Congress and wins.  That would put Trump next in line after the Vice President or first in line if Harris moves to the Presidency.  Can you imagine…can you even begin to imagine…the left-wing media’s frenzy!”

Trump as Speaker, a fun thought.  Then, on July 21st, this was written in by Rusty Weiss in the Political Insider:

Representative Brendan Boyle (D-PA) introduced a bill that would only allow sitting House members to serve as Speaker after Donald Trump said the post would be ‘interesting’.”

“Boyle, having seemingly resolved all other matters of concern for his constituents, moved on to legislation specifically targeting the former President.”

“Though the role has never been filled by anyone outside the chamber, the Constitution does not specifically state that the Speaker must be a House member. Anyone chosen by the House can serve as Speaker.”

Then, on December 8th, Weiss wrote again in The Political Insider:

“Representative Matt Gaetz says he will move to nominate Donald Trump as the next Speaker should Republicans win back the House in 2022.”

“Gaetz says he’s gone so far as to discuss the matter with the former President.”

“When asked by a reporter if he’d like to see Trump as Speaker, Gaetz responded, “I would.”

“Pressed further on if he’s discussed it with him he added, “I have.”

The Florida congressman though said he likes to keep “conversations with the former president between the two of us.”

Who knows how seriously President Trump will take this proposal and its effect on any plans he might have to run for President in 2024.  But it would be ground breaking for a non-House member and for and ex-president to becomes Speaker - and we all know how Trump likes being a ground breaker!   

Given Trump’s pro 2nd Amendment stances and the Democrat Party’s virulent anti 2nd Amendment efforts, pro 2A supporters should be enjoying any nervousness going on in Washington at the thought of Trump as Speaker of the House.  The conversation probably goes something like:

Trump couldn’t be serious about this………could he????

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