The Audacity of Deception

01/04/2022 11:00 AM | Anonymous

The Audacity of Deception  by Tom Reynolds

On Monday, we wrote about Newsweek presenting a thoroughly dishonest piece about guns.  Although unrelated to the Constitution, here’s another example of the media’s audacity in deception.

In Rolling Stone, Jeff Goodell writes that cracks and fissures in the Thwaites Eastern Ice Shelf (Antarctica) suggest that ice mass “could fracture” and would cause the disappearance of “virtually every low-lying coastal city in the world.

Sounds pretty serious.  What could possibly cause this? 

Goodell’s entire article blames this potential catastrophe on global warming and devotes only one sentence to the real story. “Thwaites is…melting from below, due to warmer ocean water eating away at its underbelly.”   No direct explanation of how this “warmer water” was generated but if you read the article, you cannot help coming away with the (mis)understanding that the “melting from below” is related to global warming.  He opened the door as to the true cause but then shut it, without explanation.  (Could it be that he knows the cause but has an agenda?)

Doomsday Glacier in Antarctica Could Collapse Soon: New Research - Rolling Stone

The leftist media feeds upon itself.  For example, John Vidal also wants to be the Paul Revere of melting ice and in the Guardian decries politicians’ inattention when he wrote: “Thwaites underlines that global heating and glaciers do not wait for politicians, and every year action to reduce climate emissions is delayed only accelerates global disaster”.

Just when you were sure – based on the above - that global warming was striking again in Antarctica, along comes Richard North writing in Turbulent Times on December 31, 2021: “…media reports cited are lying, directly by implying (and stating) that the potential collapse of Thwaites glacier is exclusively down to climate change, and by omission in not mentioning the geothermal activity”.

Turbulent Times: Climate change: a licence to lie | Turbulent Times

Media lies?  Say it aint so! 

What’s Geothermal activity?  James Edward Kamis explained geothermal activity in the Climate Change Dispatch on 2/25/2019: “Rapid melting of Antarctica’s Pine Island and Thwaites Glaciers is the result of subglacial bedrock heat flow from a well-known and precisely mapped regional geological ’hotspot’ called the Marie Byrd Mantle Plume, not global warming” In the Thwaites Glacier area, researchers have identified: “Twenty-seven semi-active subglacial volcanoes…study after research study has now proven (this) beyond any doubt”.

So, the melting is caused by twenty-seven volcanoes, not global warming, and that fact is well known (but not by Goodell and Vidal, obviously).

Kamis, like Richard North, thrusts an ice pick into the heart of the journalism of deception: “Failure of the media to include in their numerous articles this telling scientific evidence…is difficult to reconcile with proper scientific methodology”.

Wait a minute!  The left, which constantly is telling us to believe the science, is not following proper scientific methodology? 

Kamis does a nice job of explaining in layman’s terms the technical aspects of what a “sub-glacial plume” is and how the Thwaites Glacier melting would not directly add to the sea level rapid rises that Goodell describes, (but it could open the door to eventual rises in sea level).

More Proof That Geologic Forces Are Melting W. Antarctic Glaciers (

If the leftist media believes in global warming, they should not have to lie to prove their point.  Ditto for gun control. 

And just like articles on guns, internet search engines point you to articles confirming the leftist, global warming position.  Search for “Thwaites Glacier and volcanoes” and you will not find any articles contesting global warming as a cause until you get to page two.  Sound familiar?

Journalistic deception is not limited to just gun control.  The left believes lying or lying-by-omission is totally acceptable in their quest for power and control.   Just staying informed in the face of this mountain of disinformation is now a form of patriotism.

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