Jed Clampett is Out-Of-Luck

01/12/2022 10:38 AM | Anonymous

Jed Clampett is Out-Of-Luck  by Tom Reynolds

Beverly Hills Guns (BHG) is the only Federal Firearms Licensed gun store in Beverly Hills.  You may be amused over some of the “cultural differences” between your local gun store and BHG.  And if you think New York makes it difficult to buy firearms…California gives our New York liberals a goal to aspire to.

From BHG’s web site:

BHG was founded by security expert Russell Stuart to cater to the distinguished customer who accepts nothing less than the best products & service in the world, and require the utmost care & confidentiality in every experience.

Highlights include:

  • Private, one-on-one, concierge-style firearms services.
  • Similar to a dealer of rare art or high value jewelry, every client is discreetly identified & verified.
  • Every appointment experience is carefully crafted for security, comfort, and confidence.

Gun sales are by appointment only.

(Concierge service like buying rare art!  Most of us enjoy walking into our local gun dealer – unannounced - wearing jeans and a sweatshirt and expecting way less than “concierge” service.)

BHG’s web site features a picture of a leisurely Steve McQueen sitting indoors in an easy chair pointing a revolver at something with the hammer cocked and his finger on the trigger.  (Is this where Alec Baldwin learned about gun safety?)

Under the BHG’s Section Buying Firearms in California, it lists requirements too extensive to list here.  BHG does warn: California handgun laws are among the most restrictive in the country. There are a lot of regulations…Due to the hostile political environment of anti-gun legislators in California, gun laws are constantly changing.

Among the hostile political environment, BHG warns: While there is no limit on how many handguns you can own…but you may only purchase 1 new handgun within a 30-day period.

And for those of us who like a variety of choices, BHG states: California legislation has severely limited the options we have access to in California. As a California resident, you are able to choose from a minuscule “roster” of “safe” handguns.

California has a 10 day “cooling off” period (including the background check) before you can pick up your purchase.   But BHG warns, “During times of panic or high-demand, these checks have been known to be extended to an unknown amount of time”. 

(Would the last two years of riots, ordinary thefts and flash & grab robberies qualify as “panic” times?)

Under the section Buying Ammunition in California, BHG says:

Buying ammunition has become a convoluted process…it may not guarantee that you will be able to walk out of the store with ammunition.  (Due to the ammo shortage - not a convoluted process - I have that same problem.)

To buy ammo, one must undergo a “Standard Check”.  But if you don’t qualify for  that check, one has to undergo a “Basic Check”.  This check can take up to 10 days, per BHG. 

Just In case you are planning on shopping there, it appears to be conveniently located within walking distance of the Waldorf Astoria.  But you will need your limo to get from the California Rehab Institute.  (Although, if you are living at the Rehab Institute you probably won’t qualify to purchase a firearm.) 

On a recent interview on Fox, it was pointed out that 686,435 new guns were sold in California in 2020, which is a 65+% increase from 2019. 

On Fox, BHG’s owner Russell Stuart (who appears very normal, even by our standards) stated, “…I get no pleasure whatsoever by having a 60-, 70-year-old woman walk into my store … who looks terrified, and say, ‘I have never liked guns. In fact, I've even hated guns. I would have never considered buying one. But I'm so afraid for my life’.”  (I’ll bet she still votes for the liberal in the next election.  Oh hell, in Beverly Hills there are only liberals running – the only difference is how far left they are.)

Stuart says the rise in gun sales are directly attributable to the rise in crime under George Soros’ D.A. George Gascon’s soft on crime regime. 

Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter described the situation as, Oh, we're wealthy, we can just go buy [guns]…But yet and still, the areas that have the most crime have the most restrictive gun laws.

Geneva Solomon, the co-owner of Black-owned Redstone Firearms in Los Angeles County’s Burbank said, The gun control laws here are set up and intended to disproportionately affect those within the minority communities.

(Pity the poor Beverly Hills celebrity now caught in a liberal’s nightmare; he/she/it wants to buy a gun but the they want the only person in Beverly Hills that sells a gun to be cancelled because he went on the much-despised Fox.  And if he/she/it buys a gun, they will be delaying a black person from getting one; that would be called white supremacy, even if the celebrity is black.)

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