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Throwing It Against the Wall

05/31/2022 10:57 AM | Anonymous

Throwing It Against the Wall  by Tom Reynolds

After last Tuesday’s school shooting, Biden, Hochul and the left flew rapidly past condolences into condemnation of guns.  They throw every emotion possible against the wall, hoping something sticks.  They should try rationally thinking about guns, for a change.

Why are the left’s current emotional efforts without value or reason?

What if all civilian gun ownership in the USA was illegal?  Guns would start flowing across the southern border which is, currently, an open invitation to anyone who wants to cross it.  Create a gun shortage and guns, like drugs, will be smuggled in.  Net result, criminals will still have access to illegal guns. 

And there will be more criminals, since one will have to break the law to protect one’s family against illegally armed criminals.  As the saying goes, “when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns”; except, you will then be amongst the outlaws.

Don’t forget the 400 million guns already in America.  Would they all disappear?  400 million is a good basis to start a “black market”.  On the positive side, shortages lead to increased prices, so the resell value of your guns would keep up with inflation. 

The left now believes 18 years old is not mature enough to own a gun.  Amendment XXVI sets the voting age at 18.  Eighteen is mature enough to vote, but not mature enough to own a gun?  A gun does short-term damage but a vote does long-term damage.  (I offer Joe Biden as proof.)

Will leftists also move to raise the voting age to 21?  Not likely, since most young people tend to vote Democrat.  Gun at 18 = immature. Vote at 18 = Democrat.

One anti-gun writer complained about “easy access” to buying a gun.  If he actually tried to buy a gun, he would discover that there may be “access”, but it’s definitely not “easy”.

Another anti-gun commentator recommended that a small compromise on our Constitutional Rights wouldn’t hurt.  And the last time the left stopped with a small compromise was when?  Many “small” compromises will continue until there is no civilian gun ownership.   

The recent Buffalo murderer chose NY State because its strict gun laws made opposition unlikely. Time for Albany to rethink disarming citizens?

The Texas shooter chose a “gun free zone”.  Killers appreciate advertising “no opposition zones”.   Research from the Crime Prevention Research Center shows that 98% of all public mass shootings that occurred between 1950 and July 10, 2016 occurred in gun free zones.

But tragedies do continue?  What is the answer?  The answer is NOT gun control.  The answer IS reversing the leftist culture and returning to traditional American values. 

Murderers kill, not because they have a gun, but because they want to.  What warped mind kills fourth graders?  One that rejects the Judeo-Christian values that founded our nation.  Remember that commandment, “Thou shalt not murder”.

Most mass murderers come from fatherless homes.  For 200 years, America championed the traditional family and believed that two parents are better than one.  Now, the current fashion on the left disparages the nuclear family. 

Remember: “I disagree with what you say but will defend your right to say it”.  Disagree with the left and you are a racist or domestic terrorist.  Biden even tried to create a government agency to monitor what you say, in case you say something they view as domestic terrorism: i.e. criticism of Democrat Party values.  Biden should get the Joseph Goebbels Award for that. 

Openly divisive rhetoric like Critical Race Theory is taught in school; if you are a white American, you must be a racist.  Isn’t that racism?  The left wants to use racism to stop racism.

Talking to a first grader about sex formerly got you arrested.  Now, it gets you a teaching position.

Boys aren’t boys and girls aren’t girls. 

If Russian interference in an American election was bad, is letting non-citizens vote good?

Should people who never attended college pay off the college loans of people who did go to college?

Why must your dog must be vaccinated but illegal immigrants need not be.

Cheat to get into college and you go to prison.  Cheat to get into the USA and you go to college for free.

Should people who never owned slaves pay reparations to people who have never been slaves?

The left keeps pushing that all bad events are due to the faults of American society and criminals are victims, not predators.  With fewer deterrents, criminals are becoming bolder.  With more criticism and lack of backing from their political bosses, police are becoming more hesitant to stick-their-necks-out. 

America was a “melting pot” where people were expected to assimilate.  Now, aberrations are celebrated and society is supposed to embrace the abnormal.  If you adopt a child, the child is assimilated into the parent’s culture, not vice versa. 

Until our culture reassimilates into traditional American values, starting with respect for life, we won’t stop these tragedies.  Meanwhile, gun sales will escalate as self-defense is a core right.

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