NY Governor, Democrat leaders, Introduce New Ten Gun Control Bills.

06/01/2022 2:06 PM | Anonymous

NY Governor, Democrat leaders, Introduce New Ten Gun Control Bills.  by Tom Reynolds

•  Hunters affected: all semi-auto rifle transfers to require permit.

•  Untested microstamping may outlaw common handguns.

•  All eleven+ round magazines subject to potential destruction, confiscation or buyback.

•  Red Flag laws may eliminate doctor-patient privilege.

•  Pro-Second Amendment websites may be censored as “misinformation” or “hate speech.”

•  Gun dealers subject to expensive new requirements.

•  Other measures.

“Never let a crisis go to waste.”  Governor Hochul and her Democratic cohorts in the NY Senate and Assembly have introduced a slew of anti-gun bills.  If passed, they become the law and any attempt to overturn them will cost gun owners tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars while the state will use its unlimited taxpayer dollars to defend these laws.

Gun owners can make their feelings known, now, or wait to see their gun rights further eroded.  Speak up or be further silenced.

SCOPE’S comments follow the description of each bill.  While some may seem less onerous, in the hands of NY’s left-wing politicians and bureaucrats, they will be used against you.

A10503    S9458: require that someone obtain a license, with a minimum age of 21, to purchase or take possession of any semiautomatic rifle, not just so-called “assault weapons” and require recertification of that license every five years;

SCOPE: Hunters and plinkers who thought NYS would never come for them just got a nasty surprise.   They will now get to go through the same process as pistol permit applicants just to buy that “ranch rifle.”   Requires a license to use a constitutional right, even though rifles are used less in homicides than knives or feet and fists.

A7926   S4116: require microstamping for new guns, upon DCJS certification, and make unlawful sale of a non-microstamping-enabled firearm a crime; 

SCOPE:  Will eventually require all new pistols to be microstamped, a technology that does not work and is easily defeated.  Anyone who wants to buy a legal gun will be stuck with outdated pre-law pistols while criminals can obtain the newest and best.

A10428     S9229: eliminate grandfathering of more than ten round magazines and require destruction, surrender or buy-back;

SCOPE: Eliminates magazines that were purchased legally and sets a precedent for confiscating guns later.

A10502   S9113: expand the Red Flag law by expanding the list of people who can file for Extreme Risk Protection Orders, including your own doctor, and other measures;

SCOPE: Red Flag Laws already violate due process and medical privacy.  Expansion will discourage lawful gun owners from seeking treatment for fear of losing their constitutional rights and create an ever-larger bureaucracy that works to take away your rights without constitutional protections.

A10504     S9456: broadly define regulated firearms  to include any weapon not defined in the Penal Law that is designed or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by action of an explosive;

SCOPE: Appears to retroactively make certain unidentified weapons into “firearms” and, therefore, subject to the same regulations as handguns, assault rifles, etc.  Many New Yorkers may become criminals overnight without even knowing it.

A10497    S9407: prohibit the purchase of body armor for anyone who is not engaged in an “eligible” profession;

SCOPE: Eliminates civilians protecting themselves from criminals who will ignore yet another law.

A10501    S9465, A7865   S4511: increase accountability for social media platforms, target “hate speech” and “misinformation”;

SCOPE: A step to censor Second Amendment supporters and conservatives.   Statements like “guns save lives” will likely be labeled “misinformation,” or “hate speech,” ala COVID censorship or Hunter Biden’s laptop.  No chance it will find ANTIFA and BLM as violent extremists or domestic terrorists. 

A1023   S4970: require gun dealers to implement a security plan; prohibit persons under eighteen and not accompanied by a parent from certain locations of a gun dealer’s premises; adhere to record keeping requirements; and require the State police to conduct inspections of gun dealers every three years;

SCOPE: To overregulate gun dealers and drive them out of business.

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