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Reeling? Angst?

03/16/2023 10:40 AM | Anonymous

Reeling?  Angst?  by Tom Reynolds

CBS News report on the impact of the Supreme Court’s ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen indicated angst among gun control proponents now faced with the challenge of justifying restrictive gun laws.

CBS cries about, “the new legal test” has “led to uncertainty over whether measures that aim to curb gun violence can survive legal scrutiny.”

CBS suggests that anti-gun administrations and legislatures in multiple states are reeling from the SCOTUS majority opinion. 

Anti-gun states have angst?  Are reeling?  Who’s kidding who?

Kathy Hochul and the NY Legislature were not reeling when they passed several laws which flew in the face of the Bruen ruling. They knew they were on extremely radical ground (not just shaky ground but an earthquake) when they passed these laws.  But they didn’t care that these laws won’t stand up to scrutiny by anything but leftist judges and would be struck down by any reasonable reading of the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision. 

And Hochul is not alone as Deep Blue states such as California, Washington, Illinois, New Jersey and Maryland are passing similar laws.

Why are they not concerned with the Constitution?

Like NY, these states have been dominated by democrats for years.  The governor’s mansion and the legislatures have democrat majorities and the state judicial systems are heavily filled with democrats.  And it’s not enough to just be a democrat.  To be in a political leadership position or judgeship, one has to be a far-left, woke, radical, democrat.

The politicians believe that they will be reelected in Deep Blue states where the Democrat nomination is akin to winning the election.  (Maybe they should ask Lori Lightfoot if that still holds true.) 

They know that it will take hundreds of thousands of dollars to challenge these laws while plaintiffs can expect defeats in the state courts and must get to federal court in order to prevail on the Constitution.

Judges know that most of their decisions will not be appealed because of the time and money involved.

Like politicians, the judges know that there are no personal repercussions to their ignoring the Supreme Court.  Judges are rarely impeached and probably never impeached for ruling wrong on a constitutional issue.

Reeling?  Angst?  That would require that they care that they are violating the Constitution!

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