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The Insanity Continues

03/23/2023 11:02 AM | Anonymous

The Insanity Continues  by Tom Reynolds

In Maryland, Murder in the first degree includes if it was committed during the perpetration or attempted perpetration of several specified crimes, such as rape, arson, robbery, burglary, carjacking, and other serious offenses that carry life imprisonment with or without the possibility of parole.

Maryland Democrats introduced into the Maryland General Assembly the Youth Accountability and Safety Act, which would prohibit a person younger than 25 at the time of the offense from being convicted of first-degree murder under the state's felony murder provisions.  It has the support of several Democratic co-sponsors.

Sounds like the Youth NON Accountability Act.

Maryland wouldn’t want MS13 members, gangbangers and other ‘innocents under 25’ having their lives ruined just because they murdered someone.


SCOPE writes constantly about how liberal politicians ignore the Constitution without any regrets.

New York Assemblywoman Pat Fahy wants to see anywhere from a 2-to-5-cent tax on each round of ammunition sold in the state (basically, the bigger the bullet the higher the tax)

But she said out loud what is generally only whispered: “if you buy 50 rounds, it’ll be just a couple of extra dollars.  So, it’s not a huge tax, but another disincentive to arming up.

That statement could end up being a big oops in Appeals Courts.

In the 1940s, in a case called Murdock v. Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court saidA state may not impose a charge for the enjoyment of a right granted by the Federal Constitution.

Isn’t there something in the Constitution about the right of “bearing arms?”


Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh’s administration unveiled a $1 million proposal to lower gun violence (Syracuse had a per capita murder rate in 2021 three times the rest of the U.S.)  Among other initiatives, he wants to pay known gang members a weekly stipend not to break the law and to work toward turning their life around.

The Safer Streets Program would provide a $100 per week stipend for up to 90 days (13 weeks) and focus on mental health, education and career placement. The idea is to assist 50 high-risk individuals in getting on the right track. 

The program would be funded using federal funds from the American Rescue Plan.

So, if you work hard at being a criminal and can make the 50 worst list, you will be rewarded with $100 a week.  Who says crime doesn’t pay.


USA Powerlifting is being forced to allow biological men - who claim to be women - to compete against natural-born women after a transgender contestant launched a nearly five-year campaign demanding to be allowed to compete in the women’s category.

Minnesota District Court Judge Patrick Diamond ruled in favor of transgender JayCee Cooper’s attack on USA Powerlifting’s ban on transgender men competing as women.

Anyone want to bet on who will win the next power lifting competition?

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