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One Day’s News

04/27/2023 7:47 PM | Anonymous

One Day’s News  by Tom Reynolds

A new study showed that birth rates dropped during the COVID epidemic. 

Politically liberal states (and Washington D.C.)  had the lowest fertility rates.

Conservative states had the highest fertility rates.

Brad Wilcox, Director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia said, “Heading into COVID, we already saw that fertility was higher in red America than in blue America.”

So, while liberals are fretting over the end of the world, conservatives are “otherwise occupied.”

Unfortunately, conservative gun owners seem to be ‘otherwise occupied’ on election days.  And since women are buying guns in record numbers, we can’t blame just the guys. 

C’mon, give it a break for one day to save your country.

On the same day as the above report, it was noted that the liberal leaders of New York were intentionally ‘controlled burning’ acreage in Steuben County to help preserve the Rattlesnake population.  Apparently, fertility rates in Rattlesnakes are more important to liberals than fertility in liberals.

This highlights a main difference between liberals and conservatives: liberals believe in government assistance for everything while conservatives just want to be left alone as we know what to do.  Which also gives us a clue as to why the liberals want more immigrants in this country.  Given current fertility trends, liberals – like Rattlesnakes - are putting themselves in danger of extinction and need government assistance to reproduce. 

And on the same day, Joe Biden announced that he wants to run again for President in 2024. 

One of his reelection statements was; “Personal freedom is fundamental to who we are as Americans.” 

If you were wondering about his commitment to personal freedom, amongst the many ‘personal freedoms’ he wants to ban are: ‘assault weapons’, fossil fuels, gas stoves and non-electric cars.  He categorizes parents speaking at school board meetings as terrorists, not 1st Amendment freedoms, and his administration works with media companies to label opposition views as misinformation.

In his defense, he does believe that arson, sedition and rioting for liberal causes are freedoms to be protected.  And he is also firmly against government snooping into his family’s business dealings with China, Ukraine, etc.

But it could be worse.  We could be France.

Three people face the possibility of a criminal conviction at the hands of French prosecutors after giving President Emmanuel Macron the middle finger, reports in local media have claimed. It was said to have been given while Macron was touring the country in a desperate attempt to regain public favor in the wake of his pension law changes and the subsequent riots.

With their gesture, the three broke a French law that forbids statements that “affect the personal dignity or the respect owed to a public official.”  They will all face trial in September.  Under the French Criminal Code such an offence carries penalties including a fine of 15,000 euros and up to one year in prison

Let’s go Bran….oops

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