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Buy Backs

05/02/2023 10:44 AM | Anonymous

Buy Backs  by Tom Reynolds

The Left likes to do things that make them feel good but accomplish nothing – other than costing the taxpayers more money.  Gun buy backs are one of those things.

On April 21st, the anti-gun reporting organization The Trace reported that gun buy backs accomplished little if anything, other than making leftists feel good.  It said that the statistical results of these buy backs: “…like the number of participants, how many guns were collected, and public awareness” are basically meaningless. 

What about gun buy backs’: “impact on homicides, suicides, and nonfatal shootings and assaults?

According to the Trace, “The most rigorous studies of gun buyback programs have found little empirical evidence to suggest that they reduce shootings, homicides, or suicides by any significant degree in either the short- or long-term.

In fact, The Trace thinks they may actually be a negative: “Some researchers and advocates worry that, by briefly acting on the public’s desire for intervention, gun buybacks could be taking attention and resources from other reforms that are more likely to have an impact.”

Which brings us to NY’s Attorney General, Letitia James.  She loves gun buy backs because they allow her to look like she’s doing something about violent crime without actually doing anything.

While SCOPE was having its annual Members’ Meeting this past weekend, James was sponsoring another gun buy back?  Sorry we missed it.

James’ office said that more than 3,000 guns were surrendered at nine buyback locations throughout the state.

One quarter of the firearms (751) were turned over in Syracuse. James said in a statement: "Every gun that we removed out of Syracuse homes and off the streets is a potential tragedy averted and another step in protecting communities throughout New York State."

Since James said, “Every gun that we removed out of Syracuse homes and off the streets is a potential tragedy averted” it is fair to wonder about the potential tragedies that would have been averted if the police and resources working the buy backs were instead actively being used to stop crime.

Syracuse police crime statistics show a 133% jump in homicides in the first four months of this year compared to the same time frame last year.  Can we expect a big drop in those statistics now that 751 guns are off the street?  Can a cow jump over the moon?

It is estimated there are more than 400,000,000 guns in the USA.  Now there are 399, 997,000.

Put another way, James removed .0000075 (8 millionths of 1 percent) of all the guns in the USA. 

Remember The Trace’s earlier statement about these meaningless efforts, “… taking attention and resources from other reforms that are more likely to have an impact.”  I wonder if James is going to do a cost benefit analysis of her efforts.  (Actually, I don’t wonder.)

I also wonder how many criminals, MS13 members, flash robbers, gangbangers, carjackers, etc. turned in their weapons?  (Actually, I don’t wonder about that, either.  That’s another statistic James’ office won’t be publicizing.)

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