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Active Shooters, Parole Wars, the Babylon Bee and Six Packs

08/30/2023 11:39 AM | Anonymous

Active Shooters, Parole Wars, the Babylon Bee and Six Packs  by Tom Reynolds

Whenever there is an Active Shooter situation, you can be sure the leftist media will be covering it and Biden & Hochul & Newsome will call for more gun control.  If an armed citizen should stop it, the coverage tends to be close to zero.  The coverage of defensive uses of guns is almost non-existent. 

SCOPE has previously written about Defensive Gun Use, which does not usually mean shots were fired; show a criminal you are armed and they often have second thoughts about their career choice. Numerous studies put the number of Defensive Gun Uses at 1 million or more, annually.

But sometimes, just showing a weapon isn’t enough, especially if the criminal is already shooting his / her weapon (an Active Shooter).

Luckily, there is a list on John Lott’s web site of cases where armed citizens have stopped ACTIVE SHOOTER incidents.   It’s a long list of lives saved but worth a look.

Cases where armed citizens have stopped active shooter incidents (


SCOPE recently reported that bills have been introduced in the NY Assembly (A2035) and the NY Senate (S2423) that would allow incarcerated individuals who are 55 years and older and who have also already served 15 years in prison to appear before the parole board for potential release, regardless of the crime they committed.

Will Barclay, the Assembly Minority leader has taken issue with these far left antics and reports on Assembly Republican efforts to tighten, not loosen, parole standards.  The following are excerpts from his press release of August 25th.

Our (Assembly Minority) Conference has offered a number of legislative solutions aimed at protecting victims and their families.

Assemblyman Maher sponsored legislation (A.4041) to ensure those who murder children under 13 years old will receive a mandatory life sentence with no opportunity for parole and I have sponsored legislation (A.5225) to reform the composition of the parole board and require a unanimous determination from the board members before an inmate be released.

Second chances are an important part of our criminal justice system, and I believe there are lots of instances where individuals should be presented with an opportunity to make amends. Unfortunately, not everyone deserves such latitude, and in instances where the public is in danger, we must take every possible measure to ensure the most serious offenders are not given the wrong type of second chance—a second chance to take another life 


If you are reading this, you have the internet.

If you have the internet, you may have seen or heard about the satirical website, the Babylon Bee.  (Leftists have been known to quote it as a reliable source!)

The below link goes to a video on their web site that makes fun of some of the ridiculous statements about guns from the gun grabbers.

Babylon Bee Video relies heavily on the Crime Prevention Research Center’s Research (


Gun owners are often pictured by the leftist media as beer guzzling rednecks. 

This story reinforces the need to concealed carry but it also reinforces our image with the left:

Breitbart News reported that  Cordelius Martin entered a store in Cassopolis, Michigan and announced a robbery. Surveillance video shows that a customer was in the store at that time with a six-pack of beer in his hand.  The customer, a concealed carry permit holder, pulled his pistol with his right hand and shot the robber numerous times while continuing to hold the beer in his left hand.

I doubt if any handgun safety courses teach shooting with a six-pack in hand.  But hey, you never know!

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