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11/06/2023 6:30 PM | Anonymous

AMMO Act  by Tom Reynolds

The usual Democrat Senator suspects are pushing the Ammunition Modernization and Monitoring Oversight Act. (AMMO Act)

  • It would require background checks for ammo purchases.  (Using NY State’s venture into ammo background checks as an example, can you imagine a nationwide system?  Put in your order now for approval in time for hunting season…2025.)
  • It prohibits bulk sales of ammunition based on the type of ammo. It specifically limits individuals to purchasing - within a 5-day period - no more than 100 rounds for .50 caliber ammo and 1000 rounds for all other ammunition. 
  • Ammo dealers must get a license separate from the Federal Firearms License (FFL) required for gun sales.
  • It would also ban out-of-state ammunition purchases.
  • It will require all vendors to report ammunition sales to the ATF.
  • It would require serial numbers to be engraved on each item of ammunition.
  • It would also require a license from the United States Attorney General of all who engage in business as a firearms or ammunition importer, manufacturer, or dealer.

The Democrats endorsing this are bringing out all the usual talking points including that it is just “common sense” (which is an uncommon attribute amongst the Democrats in Washington D C .) 

None of the articles on this mention a bill number so, at this point, it has apparently not been officially introduced and given a bill number.  But it is coming!

However, officially introduced in the House and given a bill number is the Ammo Identification Act of 2023. (HR 4339.)

As usual, the devil is in the details – or to be more precise – the unfeasibility of this is in the details.

There are billions of rounds of ammo manufactured every year.  That’s going to require a loooong ID number. 

And, if it were possible, would the ID be on the casing or the lead bullet itself?  The authors of the bill probably don’t understand the difference between the casing and the bullet. 

And they don’t understand that, if the ID was on the casing, the shooter needs only to ‘police his brass’ or use a revolver to defeat the purpose of the bill. 

And if it was actually imprinted on the lead bullet, say a .223 caliber used in the infamous ‘assault weapons,’ that’s would require really really really small printing of a really really really long number. 

And don’t the authors watch crime programs on TV; bullets get distorted when they hit the target.

But like most gun control measures, the left wing media won’t ask any questions and, instead, just reprint the Democrat propaganda about ‘common sense gun control.”

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