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Natural Allies

01/29/2024 1:45 PM | Anonymous

Natural Allies  by Tom Reynolds

2nd Amendment (2A) defenders face an increasingly leftist and extreme-bordering-on-insane agenda in the Democrat controlled NY Legislature.  The Left will do anything to promote their agenda to tear down traditional and constitutional American values.  And it is not confined to 2nd Amendment issues.  2A defenders need to be aware of some of the other insanity happening in Albany as this insanity creates natural allies to those of us opposing the Left on 2A issues.

Destroying ‘Parental Rights’ has been one of the Left’s goals and two proposed ‘companion bills’ in the NY Legislature would be a giant step forward for the extreme Left.  However, these bills should also motivate those on the right to vote these politicians out of office. (And by-the-way, these are the same politicians who would take away our 2A rights.)    

For more than a decade, New York legislators have been steadily raising the minimum age for minors to do things that have any risk.  In New York State,

You have to be at least 18:

  • to use a tanning saloon;
  • to get married;
  • to be prosecuted as an adult;
  • to get piercings and tattoos without parental consent.

You have to be at least 21:

  • to buy a semi-automatic rifle;
  • to buy tobacco and e cigarettes;
  • to buy nitrous oxide cylinders

Consistency never being a trait of politicians in general and leftist politicians in particular, children are now being threatened by the latest round of left-wing madness; bills A6761 and S8352 propose doing away with the age of medical consent, without parental approval.

The official descriptions of NY legislature bills A6761 and S8352 say: “allows homeless youth to give effective consent to certain medical, dental, health, and hospital services, provides for insurance coverage of such health care services consented to by such youth.“  (Emphasis added.)

Do you believe the bill’s description or your lying eyes?

A6761 / S8352 allows any medical procedure, including trans surgery, for ALL children, not just runaways and homeless minors, without parental consent.

The key language in the bill says, “Any person, including a minor, who comprehends the need for, the nature of and the reasonably foreseeable risks and benefits involved in any contemplated medical, dental, health and/or hospital services and any alternatives thereto, may give effective consent to such services for themselves, and the consent of no other person shall be necessary.”  (Emphasis added.)

Under this law, a 12 year old can decide what medical care he / she will receive, including genital mutilation surgery in the name of ‘affirmative’ health care.

Question: why is this law necessary, since a New York law already allows physicians to treat runaway youth if the child’s health is in danger and a parent cannot be reached.*  

Answer: to the Left, the law is necessary because A6761 / S8352 will cover ALL children not just homeless and runaway youth and it can be used to promote the gender confusion agenda of the Left.

This bill ‘s authors obviously believe that parents are not to be trusted with their children’s healthcare - and that the child knows better than the parents. Do children know enough about their own personal and familial medical history to make life-altering medical decisions?  Do children have the knowledge and experience to make life altering decisions? Is completely removing parental involvement in a child’s healthcare a good thing?

Oh yes, parents will still be legally responsible for the care of the child if there is any fallout or complications.

Nothing in A6761/S8532 prevents minors from being recruited for experimental procedures. There are no protections for developmentally disabled minors, especially those who are not visibly disabled.  Do children feel mentally strong enough to challenge adults promoting a political agenda?

2A defenders are no less concerned about their children’s welfare than those with no interest in 2A.  And the people endangering our children are also the people endangering 2A.  The extreme leftists have built a bridge between factions that oppose leftist goals. We need to take advantage of that bridge and work with these other groups to rid our state of this insanity.  

You have an issue of mutual interest and pursuing that issue will have the added benefit of defending 2A.

*New York Public Health Law, Paragraph 4.

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