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To whom it may Concern; . . .

02/03/2024 10:05 AM | Anonymous

To whom it may Concern;

Every member of Scope - if they are not already doing it - needs to start writing and phoning their State and Local Representatives.  There is power in numbers and until our elected officials receive hundreds and thousands of messages they will not budge.  I myself write to Senator Schumer, Senator Gillibrand, Senator Cooney, Representative Joe Morelle, Assemblyman Josh Jensen and Governor Kathy Hochul on a weekly, sometimes daily routine, and President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris when I’m really upset.  Out of these people the only individual that I believes cares to buck the system is Josh Jensen.  I would vote against the rest of them.

We have illegals requiring that our school children go back to remote learning because the illegal migrant camps are overcrowded and the space in our schools is needed to house the illegals during storms.  When these illegals will be required to attend school, be prepared to watch our school budget and taxes go sky high with no input from us by the way.

We have more money in our state budgets for the illegal aliens that we do for our legal residents, many who live in poverty. State Senator Cooney was pretty proud of the fact that the Monroe County area would receive $50 Million from Governor Hochul for impoverished families. This same Governor is putting 2.4 billion in our state budget for the illegals, something Senator Cooney forgot to mention.

We have Governors, Attorney Generals and other officials asking our President for relief supporting the illegal population entering our country with no response.

We have a Vice President telling Katie Couric on National Television that our leaders need to do something while, apparently, not realizing that she is a leader (I Think).

This week on National TV, we watched as Illegal Aliens beat up a NYC policeman.  Initially four were arrested and released without bail.  As of today Thursday, seven of the 12 suspects have now been arrested with police still looking for the rest. Governor Hochul thinks the event should be looked at to determine if the illegals should be deported. Do you believe she needs to think about it?  Why were the arrested released without bail? 

I can go on and on but nothing is going to change until everyone that is unhappy starts contacting their elected officials and telling them they’ve had enough.

It’s very important that we keep our members informed, as you have done nicely, but it’s just as important that, after we read your messages, we also do our part and follow up and act upon your message with a phone call, email, Facebook any kind of message that confronts our elected officials with the truth which is “We don’t like what you are doing and we want you to change it”.  We need to do this because while all of this daily commotion is going on with the illegals, these same politicians that ignore the laws of our country and make a farce of their Oath of Office are sneaking in new gun bills.

With Respect Ron B.

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