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Trust the Science

06/24/2024 3:24 PM | Anonymous

Trust the Science

You have probably heard some form of this theory of gun ownership, that men who are more dissatisfied with the size of their penises would be more likely to personally own guns.”

What you already knew - but the Left can’t believe - has now been researched and proven. 

In a paper published in the Journal of Men’s Health entitled: Size Matters? Penis Dissatisfaction and Gun Ownership in America . (1)

The study showed that those more satisfied with penis size are more likely to own guns.  And not just a gun but multiple guns and also to own “military-style” rifles!

And like most things that the Left is accusing us of, they themselves are doing...

Per the study: “We find that men who are more dissatisfied with the size of their penises are less likely to personally own guns. “(Emphasis added)

So, the Left was maligning us that we were compensating for small penises by owning guns while it’s the Left that is actually compensating for small penises by NOT owning guns!  (Instead of owning guns, they compensate by lusting after political power?)

Why waste one’s time researching something silly like this?  That’s what’s even more fun.  The research was funded by Change the Ref which is an anti-gun organization.   From their website: “CHANGE THE REF RAISES AWARENESS ABOUT MASS SHOOTINGS and works to reduce the influence of the NRA and gun manufacturers through strategic interventions and by using art as a form of communication.”  I don’t have to wonder what they were hoping would be the conclusion.

Actually, there was an earlier study, too.

In a 2021 paper entitled “Sexual Dysfunction and Gun Ownership in America: When Hard Data Meet a Limp Theory”(2) they concluded that:

This study, we showed that men experiencing SD (Sexual Dysfunction) are no more likely to own guns than men without SD. Our findings are important because they contribute to our understanding of factors associated with gun ownership by challenging the belief that phallic symbolism and masculinity somehow drive men experiencing SD to purchase guns. Our findings also remind us of the perils of gun culture rhetoric, which is often characterized by misinformation and political propaganda.”

The Left may try to invalidate these studies as the studies constantly use the term “Male” in the traditional sense of those that have a penis.  Which would seem to be a necessary part of studying penis dissatisfaction.  But, to the Left, a penis is not necessary to be Male.    

And statistics show that ‘real’ women are increasingly buying guns.  I wonder what the left’s theory is on that?


  • (1)Authored by Terrence D. Hill PhD, Liwen Zeng, PhD, Christopher G. Ellison, PhD, Benjamin Dowd-Arrow, PhD
  • (2)   Authored by Terrence D. Hill, PhD, Benjamin Dowd-Arrow, PhD, Christopher G. Ellison, PhD, Ginny Garcia-Alexander, PhD, John P. Bartkowski, PhD, and Amy M. Burdette, PhD 


The Apocalypse is Upon Us

First there were safe spaces to shoot up on drugs or where “progressive” cities would actually furnish syringes.   

Then, there was San Francisco which has implemented a free alcohol program for homeless alcoholics as part of a Managed Alcohol Program.  Nurses provide clients with enough alcohol to meet their addiction needs while keeping them at a safe level of intoxication. (You can’t make this stuff up.)

3,000 miles away, per Maine Wire on June 13thMaine’s taxpayer-funded “harm reduction” specialists call it “boofing” or “booty dumping,” but those are just pleasant euphemisms referring to the practice of sticking heroin, fentanyl, or meth up your butt.

Maine Access Points, a taxpayer-funded nonprofit based in Bangor, as well as the city of Portland’s city-run needle distribution center are both offering extensive how-to guides and — even anal injection kits — to help drug users squirt narcotics into their anuses.

In Portland, the “Portland Public Health Boofing Kit” comes with a needleless syringe and an informational flyer explaining the proper technique for putting drugs up your butt.

Apparently, Portland believes that, if you are going to intentionally leave your border open to drug smuggling, the government should at least provide instructions on how to use the illegal drugs.

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