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Thirteen term Representative Sheila Jackson Lee was born in NY City and she did not lose any of her extremist leftist roots when she moved to Houston.  Her first act in the 2021 Congress was to (again) introduce a reparations bill, HR40.  Her next act was to (again) introduce a sweeping gun control bill, HR127.  Both are regurgitations of her earlier attempts but with Democrat control in Washington, gun owners can’t take continued lack of action for granted.

HR 127 requires the Attorney General to, “…establish a system for licensing the possession of firearms or ammunition in the United States, and for the registration (of)…each firearm present in the United States”.  The license will have to be periodically renewed.  The bill includes notifying the government if you loan the firearm to anyone for “any period of time” (and that person will also need a license). 

That’s right, this is a federal firearms licensing bill and this one is on steroids.

To all those gun owners who have been saying that gun control isn’t an issue for them, the bill covers all guns, whether currently owned or new purchases.  That’s right, all estimated 25 million current firearm owners in the USA and any new ones! 

There would be three types of licenses: Antique, General and Military. 

Antique firearms will require a license and there is no differentiation in the bill between operable and inoperable.  There will be government regulations on how the antique is to be displayed and the owner must certify compliance.  It also requires that the owner has “…provided for storage of the firearm in a safe or facility approved by the Attorney General for the storage of firearms.”  (The bill does not explain how the owner will safe storage an inoperable firearm and display it at the same time.)

General and Military Firearms Licenses will require:

  • the owner to be 21 years old, even though you can vote, drink and join the military at 18.  The Attorney General will probably need a picture ID although that isn’t in the bill. 
  • the owner to also have an insurance policy issued by the government with an $800 annual premium.  (That’s right, $800 per year.) It is not clear if this is $800 per firearm or not.
  • the owner will also undergo a psychological exam by a licensed psychologist. And if the psychologist requires:

          - a psychological examination of other members of the owner’s household;

       - an interview of any spouse, ex-spouse, two other members of the owner’s household or associates “to further determine the state of the mental, emotional, and relational stability of the individual in relation to firearms”. 

All psychological exams at the owner’s expense, of course.  (Just hope you don’t get an anti-gun psychologist doing the testing.)  You will not get a license if you have been hospitalized with any mental disturbance or depression or if the psychologist determines you have a mental disturbance or addiction.

Military Firearms includes an expanded list beyond the usual Assault Weapons plus some semi-automatic pistols and some shotguns.

The bill also prohibits ammunition of 50 caliber or greater and ammunition feeders with more than ten rounds capacity.

As to the penalties, don’t ask.  You can’t afford the amount of the fine or the jail time.  You would be better off being a serial rapist or defrauding people of their life savings in a Ponzi Scheme.

25 million gun owners times $800 insurance premium equals $20 billion in government revenue, per year. 

You will have three (3) months to comply.    Better make your appointment for a psychological exam now because there is going to be a 25 million person long line. 

This bill should never come to a vote but in the present Congress, who knows?  If it ever became law, the Supreme Court would probably find it unconstitutional thanks to President Trump’s appointees.  (Just imagine if they were Hillary or Biden appointees?)  But if the “court packing” schemes of the left come to fruition…  Of course, challenging this all the way to the Supreme Court will require a million dollars – at least.  That might be cheap for someone with a firearm collection. 

If someone doesn’t know what I am referring to in the above paragraph and they are a gun owner, explain it before all hell breaks loose. To hunters and Rod & Gun Club members and other gun owners who don’t want to be involved with politics, Sheila Jackson Lee and the leftists gun grabbers do want to be involved with politics and that allows them to make the laws.  When you cede them the battle without a fight, the whole Constitution – not just 2A - loses

Contact your Congressperson and let them know how strongly you oppose this bill. If you happen to have a Democrat Congressperson, tell them you do not appreciate a party that tolerates these types of unconstitutional bills.

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