Some Impeachment Statistics

02/12/2021 11:03 AM | Anonymous

Some Impeachment Statistics  by Tom Reynolds

The 2nd Amendment protection to “keep and bear arms” is a key part of the Constitution.  But it’s more than just the Constitution that has made America great and held us together as a nation.  Our values, beliefs and traditions were as binding as the Constitution…until lately. One tradition, that the House and Senate used to believe in, was that the will of the voters must be respected and not overturned.  Because of that, Congress rarely took meaningful action to remove elected officials.  The statistics on impeachments, removals and non-seating reinforce that the will of the voters used to be respected.

In the entire history of the U.S.A., only one Senator and no Congresspersons have ever been impeached.  (The Senator was impeached in 1797, for Treason, but he was expelled before impeachment finished.)

Four Presidential impeachments have happened, including two to the same President.  Another President would probably have been impeached but he resigned first.

The House and Senate have other means of dealing with errant legislators that are similar to impeachment:

Five Congresspersons have been expelled, but three of those five were in 1861, for siding with the Confederacy.  The other two had to be convicted of felonies in courts of law before being expelled.

Fifteen Senators have been expelled, but fourteen of those were in 1861-2, for siding with the Confederacy.  The fifteenth was the one impeached in 1797 for treason, but expelled first.  Delete the Civil War and only two Congresspersons and one Senator have ever been expelled in the history of the USA.

The House has refused to seat four elected Congresspersons, including the same person twice. (He opposed WW1 but was elected again and was not seated, again.)

The Senate has never refused to seat a Senator.

Only two Congresspersons have ever been formally threatened with expulsion but never expelled.  One beat another Congressman with a cane and resigned before expulsion (but he was subsequently reelected and seated).  The second one resigned after the House ethics committee recommended his expulsion for bribery.

Seventeen other Senators have been formally threatened with expulsion but not expelled: Six resigned; nine were not expelled; one died; and one’s term expired.

Only thirty times in American history (excluding the Civil War) has Congress tried to impeach, expel or exclude legislators or Presidents. Of those, only sixteen were either convicted or resigned.  Does this demonstrate the high moral and ethical standards of our elected officials?  Or does it reflect the American tradition that the will of the voters is not to be overturned by the legislature except in extreme and rare circumstances?  That was the tradition until Pelosi became House Speaker.

Two of the four Presidential impeachments happened under Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker.  Think about that for a moment; in the history of the U.S.A, half of all Presidential impeachments have happened under Pelosi and it was the same President.  And if preliminary signs hold true, he will be acquitted both times.

There can be no doubt that the primary Democrat purpose behind this latest impeachment is to prevent Donald Trump from running again for President in 2024.  They believe that their political beliefs allow them to overturn even the potential will of the voters.    

Nancy Pelosi claims to be a devout Catholic but, apparently, she has never heard of the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  Senate Democrats forgot that rule, when they were in the Senate majority, when they did away with the filibuster for most presidential appointments.  Four years later, Republicans had regained the Senate majority and “did unto them”; the Republicans expanded the no-filibuster rule to include Supreme Court nominees.  This allowed them to approve three, pro-2A, Trump nominees.  Should Republicans regain control of the House (and Senate) in 2022, will we see a new round of “do unto them” impeachments?  Apparently, the Golden Rule has an addendum, “What goes around comes around”.

There can be no doubt that Pelosi, Schumer and their cronies are anti 2nd Amendment.  This should serve as a warning to all gun owners that nothing will stand in their way; certainly not the constitutional provision that Americans have the right to, “keep and bear arms” and not American traditions, beliefs and values. Pelosi and company seem intent on doing away with the Constitution, as it was written, and its associated values.  Freedom of Speech and the right to “Keep and bear arms” are at the top of their list.  Beware of those who see the Bill of Rights as only a piece of paper and disparage the beliefs that made us great. 

Note: To fill out the impeachment list: fourteen Federal Judges and one Supreme Court Judge and one Cabinet Secretary have also been impeached.

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