End of legislative Session

05/25/2021 3:26 PM | Anonymous

End of legislative Session  by Tom Reynolds

Yesterday, SCOPE distributed a list of proposed gun control bills in the New York Legislatures.  It also distributed a similar list at the Members Meeting.  As you should have noticed, there is a huge number of them – 75 and growing on an almost daily basis - and they are overwhelmingly anti-2A. 

The New York State legislatures adjourn their annual session in June and, in a last-minute flurry of activity many bills get passed, hoping that they will not be noticed and buried in all the activity.  Since the legislatures are overwhelmingly Democrat and, thus, anti 2A, it’s quite probable that some of these bills will be approved and sent to the Governor for his signature into law.  (And you know about him!)

 It’s important that your legislator be made aware that 2A defenders are watching and the usual last-minute shenanigans will not go unnoticed or be tolerated.  Whether your legislator is Republican or Democrat, many may be in competitive districts and they need to know that gun owners are watching and could tip the balance in an election. 

Toward that end, a draft email / letter is below and also attached.  We encourage you to personalize it and use it - or make up one yourself.  Just do something!  The most influential move would be to email and then mail it, too. 

Dear Senator / Assemblyman/Assemblywoman_______________,

As a gun owner and defender of the 2nd Amendment, I am a member of SCOPE, ___________ and ___________ .  (List all 2A’s Conservation Clubs, Rod & Gun Clubs, etc. to let them know you are a serious 2A defender and, thus, serious about this issue.)

SCOPE recently updated a list of proposed bills in the New York Legislatures - 75 and growing – which appalled me.  Many would, in effect, restrict my Constitutional right to “Keep and bear arms”.  A few – very few – re-enforce or expand my 2nd Amendment rights.  Some anti 2nd Amendment proposals make it more difficult to obtain a firearm or ammunition while others would make it too expensive to own a firearm.  Many would have the effect of criminalizing my behavior while doing nothing to stop real criminals from committing real crimes.  Without any doubt - in spite of political spin to the contrary - all have the same goal of moving another step closer to eliminating private ownership of guns except, of course, for a few “approved” individuals. 

Since there are too many bills to address individually, I am writing to tell you that I oppose any bills which would limit my 2nd Amendment rights.  I will be watching your voting record on these bills as well as the record of your party.  Each legislator is also responsible for the actions of your leadership since you - not I – voted to put them in that leadership position.

It is especially important that you are aware of my opposition since, historically, the legislature’s end-of-session activity results in many bills being approved and lost to the general public in the tumult of activity.  Many of the organizations to which I belong help me to track voting records on the bills that have been proposed.  Their outcome will not be lost.  I vote and I pay attention to who supports the 2nd Amendment and who opposes it.  Which one are you?  Your actions will define that for me.


Name, address and contact information

A 2nd Amendment Defense Organization, defending the rights of New York State gun owners to keep and bear arms!

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