We Don’t Need Your Stinking Jobs!

05/26/2021 2:07 PM | Anonymous

We Don’t Need Your Stinking Jobs!  by Tom Reynolds

Troy Industries is moving from Massachusetts to Tennessee.

Beretta, the world’s oldest arms manufacturer since 1526, is leaving Maryland for Tennessee.

Weatherby left California for Wyoming.

Accessories maker Hi-Viz closed shop in Colorado for Wyoming.

Magpul left Colorado for Wyoming and Texas.

Stag Arms announced a move from Connecticut to Wyoming.

PTR left Connecticut for South Carolina.

Ruger opened manufacturing in North Carolina.

Kimber has been moving from New York to Alabama.

Check-Mate has been moving from New York to Georgia.

Kahr Arms has moved manufacturing from New York to Pennsylvania.

Smith & Wesson, which was founded in Massachusetts, has been pushing production and distribution to Missouri.

Kimber expanded production in Alabama over New York.

LMT (formerly Lewis Machine & Tool) moved over the state line from Illinois to Iowa.

Ammo maker Olin-Winchester is headquartered in Illinois but has concentrated production in Mississippi.

Notice any trend in all the above?  Gun manufacturers moving and taking jobs from anti-gun states to gun friendly states?

No lesson here for NY’s Democrat lawmakers.  They are too busy pushing their anti-gun agenda, no matter how useless.  For instance, the Senate Codes Committee just passed S4116 on a party-line vote of 8 to 4.  This bill would require all new semi-automatic pistols to be equipped with microstamping technology.  This essentially would ban the sale of traditional handguns, the real goal of the left.    

Microstamping leaves an identifying mark on the cartridge, which is supposed to make it easy for law enforcement to identify the gun in which it was used.  Of course, law enforcement needs the expended cartridge to do identify the weapon.    What if criminals use revolvers, which do not eject casings.  What if criminals pick up casings and even misdirect investigations by dropping other spent cartridges?   Microstamping is also easily defeated with common household tools.      

This bill has floated around Albany for well over a decade and has gone nowhere for a good reason.  It doesn’t work.  But that doesn’t stop the left, since their goal was never to stop crime but, instead, to indirectly do away with the 2nd Amendment.  If they also indirectly drive jobs from New York State, that is just collateral damage.    

SCOPE usually focuses on gun control as a threat to the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution.  We should also be focusing on gun control as a threat to New York’s economy.

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