Chipman and BATFE (continued)

06/23/2021 10:22 AM | Anonymous

Chipman and BATFE (continued)  by tom Reynolds

Yesterday, SCOPE wrote about David Chipman’s nomination to head the BATFE and a conflict of interest for Senator Mark Kelly of Arizona.  Bearing Arms just wrote about another conflict of interest, this one for Chipman, himself:

“Many scandals and conflicts of interest around Biden’s pick (David Chipman) to lead the ATF are circling. His current and past ties to gun control groups, his connection to the Waco massacre while with the ATF, him losing his gun while an ATF agent, etc… etc… etc… All valid concerns, but we have something much more concrete that can’t be denied in any way, shape or form. It would also be a massive conflict of interest for him if he were to be nominated to lead the ATF”.

“What are we talking about”?

“His wife.”

“A few days ago, we published an article on our website that details some information we found regarding David Chipman’s wife, Tara. We found that she donated over $21,000 to federal democrat candidates in the 2020 election, is vocally hostile to the GOP, and shockingly (sarcasm), she is a proponent of gun control. So, why is this a big deal and what does it have to do with ATF director nominee David? Well, Tara, his wife, currently works at ATF HQ and is the head of the Secretariat Division for the entire ATF! In fact, she is listed in the DOJ Correspondence Management Handbook as the main contact for all Department of Justice related inquires that involve the ATF. This information was obtained via FOIA in late 2019. We also published an article on this find and added a little bit more to it (including how she thinks Ashli Babbitt was a terrorist and anyone that is against her death is a terrorist).”

“So, not only would David be her boss if he’s confirmed, we would have a husband and wife duo (the head of the ATF and the “gatekeeper“ of the ATF) running the show for a lot of things for the bureau. Tara also had been very supportive of her husband‘s efforts while employed as a lobbyist for Giffords. In fact, late last year, she was helping him fundraise for the organization.”

The Swamp keeps feeding at the government trough – where taxpayer’s dollars go to die.

Of course, these archaic conflict of interest rules, like the US Constitution, don’t apply to those on the left opposed to the 2nd Amendment.

Alternatively, she could resign and take up painting as a late in life change of careers (like Hunter Biden) and sell those paintings to Michael Bloomberg or other anti 2A billionaires that try to influence BATFE.  

Let your Senators know that you know what’s going on.  This is getting so outrageous that even Schumer and Gillibrand may not be able to ignore it.

Email Schumer

Email Gillibrand

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