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How The Buffalo Mass Shooter Got Exactly What He Wanted

05/19/2022 8:58 AM | Anonymous

How The Buffalo Mass Shooter Got Exactly What He Wanted   by Colion Noir

Right now, America is being trolled by an 18 year old psychopath and he has a front row seat to the show.

Everything this guy did was designed to get media attention and drive the biggest divide possible by placating to every talking point the anti-gun far left has.

He left an 180 page manifesto, that’s a book.

He even wrote it in question and answer form like he was being interviewed and he made it a point to answer every question you’d think to ask someone who just slaughtered people in cold blood and hit every single possible racist talking point, and then says all his radicalization happened online during COVID.

He explains why he chose the weapons he used using every single anti-gun buzz word used by the anti-gun lobby. Hell it sounded like they wrote it for him.

Then he literally scribbles every racist word or phrase he could think of on the guns he used and then to top it all off, this walking human fart of a lunatic live streamed the entire massacre.

He packaged together an online mass shooting starter kit, gave it to the media and said make me famous and make me some more mass shooters and the media said “Ok”. 

On May 13, 2022 nobody knew who the hell this kid was, but by May 14th, he was the most famous person in the world and by May 15th,  we knew every thought and desire he had because they were combing through his 180 page written self interview like it was some long lost text from the communist manifesto.

He created a snuff film and it got passed around like it was the the missing Ray J and Kim Kardashian sex tape.

It’s not like the footage was caught on surveillance cameras, he live streamed it.

Now I can’t go on the internet without seeing videos of him in court, articles about what we know about the shooter, who was his mama, and what did he eat that day.

Then to make themselves feel better about sensationalizing a clout chasing psychopath, the media sprinkles a couple videos about the people who were actually killed.

We gave him exactly what he wanted, the same thing I’ve been saying for 9 years now:

He wanted to solidify himself as the architect of how to become more famous than ever by committing mass shootings and it worked!

This guy was nothing more than a copycat.

His 180 page manifesto was mostly plagiarized from another mass shooters manifesto and video of a mass shooting that he only knew about because, of course, the media sensationalized and made that guy famous.

He literally says that the previous shooters live stream is what started everything you see here

He wanted infamy he just used his new found racism to justify his actions. This was about him and making himself famous.

He saw a playbook and copied it. Nothing he did was original, nothing he said, was original.

He simply wanted to amass the highest body count, using the most infamous gun so that the media would talk about it, making him infamous for eternity because now anytime there’s a mass shooting his name will come up and he decided not to kill himself because he realized it would be better to live to see and experience the fame instead of dying.

Now he’ll end up in prison and be taken in and protected by the other racist gangs in prison who hate black people and praise him for what he did.

Congratulations to Americas Mainstream you did it again.

You made another sociopathic low life famous for killing a bunch of people and inspired future shooters in the process.

Especially now considering we are living at the height of clout chasing, where people eat laundry detergent for views.

This is no different, except the clout chaser is an evil psychopath who was chasing clout with a gun in his hands.

I promise you, if he thought no one would talk about him, mention his name or watch his disgusting little live snuff stream, he wouldn’t have done this because his motivation was attention and we just gave it to him in spades and then wonder why we keep having these copy cat mass shootings.

And of course, right on cue here comes the anti-gun lobby and their anti-gun politician exploiting this shooting to push gun control.

Here’s the irony the shooter said he chose to: “carry it out in New York due to its strict open carry gun laws, which would make it harder for someone to stop him.”

And the irony gets even worse, right now there is a case in the supreme court named New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen where the supreme court is deciding if New York’s denial of applications for concealed carry licenses for self defense violates the second amendment.

Anyone want to take a guess how the mayor of New York feels about a potential ruling that would make it easier for New York citizens to carry guns for their safety?

Especially after a mass shooter just shot up a grocery store in New York because he knew the likely hood of someone carrying a gun was low and if someone was, they’d likely be limited in their capacity to deal with him because of New York’s gun-laws.

And I quote: “We Should Be Very Afraid, ” Mayor Eric Adams Said. In a densely populated community like New York, this ruling could have a major impact on us.

This is not rocket science, shooters like these are cowards looking for easy targets. 

That’s why he didn’t run down the block trying to shoot street dudes in that area, he knows the street dudes in the hood don’t care about New York’s gun laws, they all have guns with as many rounds as they want and they wouldn’t call the police.

They’d leave him out there in the street to rot and instead of watching a livestream of a coward shooting unarmed innocent people, we’d be watching the livestream death of loser.

Body armor and an AR-15 doesn’t make you immortal.

When you have other people shooting back at you, it changes everything, you go from “I’m to kill everyone in this place” to “oh shit I’m being shot at” and that shifts the focus away from killing unarmed innocent people to the people shooting at you giving the unarmed people time to escape.

That security guard may have lost his life, but because the shooter had to deal with the security guard shooting at him in the first place, there’s no telling how many lives he saved just by having a gun.

Long story short, gun control create victims not safety.

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