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Hochul-Nigrelli Letter To Dealers

08/22/2023 8:24 AM | Anonymous

Aug 20 

Written By Paloma Capanna

It’s Sunday morning.  I thought that waking up would make reaching out to y’all one step easier.  Even singing “Try that in a Small Town” as I walked in the ADK this morning was no salve. So let’s just get this over with.

I was yesterday texted a copy of this “official” letter from Hochul and Nigrelli, engaged in conversations, absorbed it, and thought I might hear from more than this one dealer who opened the mail to this letter.  It’s a British thing, but I don’t believe in delivering serious news in the dark or on a Sunday morning, before we’ve had a chance to go to church and ground ourselves to our family.  At least one of you dealers is sending a granddaughter off to college today, but I want you to have this afternoon to read through this letter from NYS Governor Kathleen Hochul and Acting Superintendent Stephen Nigrelli, received yesterday by an FFL trying to do business in New York. 

It appears this letter is intended by Hochul and Nigrelli to constitute official dealer notification.

There are a number of highly critical legal points to be made about this Hochul-Nigrelli letter – and those are going straight to the NYS Attorney’s Office 9:01 a.m. tomorrow.  I’ll share that as the next day or two gets on.

I’m pushing out the Hochul-Nigrelli letter to my website for your FREE download, review, and discussion because I’m wanting to hear your thoughts as our conversation switches from gossip to go-mode.  It’ll also save you the surprise as you open tomorrow’s mail.  When you get yours, would you kindly scan both the letter and the envelope showing the postmark date and e-mail them to me as PDFs to paloma[@]2AMPatriot[dot]com?  I thank all of you helping me to develop a dataset.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023.  We’re calling for all dealers and pawnbrokers to go on strike, at least for that one day.  And we’re calling for everyone to fire a single shot in solidarity at high noon, as part of the “Shot Heard ‘Round the State, II.” 

I’m ready, if you wish, to start adding your names, your shop names, your rod & gun clubs, your sporting organizations, your churches, your 4-H.  Anyone in support who wants to stand up and add their name to the STRIKE + SHOOT page of my website, just send me a message. 

We’re not near as small as they think and we have voice.  You simply have to decide to take it out of mothballs, where we all put it, along side our broken hearts, when our efforts against the “SAFE Act” failed at a time when it was Cuomo and a GOP NYS Senate majority.  This is too important to look backwards, and any number of you – God bless you! – only got your FFL after the “SAFE Act” and some of you even since the 10-bill anti-gun bill package was shoved through by Hochul last summer.

Please stand with the Plaintiffs in Gazzola v. Hochul, and please stand strong.  This is the opening shot we knew was coming, and now we have it in writing after three weeks of the NYSP-JTTF slinking their way into our shops. Keep shining that light on everything they’re trying to pull over on dealers and pawnbrokers who are fighting hard to protect everyone’s Second Amendment rights in this modern America.


A 2nd Amendment Defense Organization, defending the rights of New York State gun owners to keep and bear arms!

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SCOPE is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization.

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