If We Lose Georgia

12/22/2020 12:57 PM | Anonymous

If We lose Georgia by Tom Reynolds

On Friday, Curtis Cappellano wrote about the ever changing and more inclusive definition of an “Assault Weapon” (the definition is evolving, to use far-left terms).  This continued “evolving” has some very threatening consequences for the 2nd Amendment and highlights why the January election of Georgia’s Senators is so important. If Georgia sends two Democrats to the Senate, the Democrats will have 50 Senate seats and control both houses of Congress and the presidency, so they can run wild with anti 2A legislation. 

The Democrats legislative agenda would probably include a wide variety of proposed laws against our 2nd Amendment rights.  Certainly, bans on so-called “assault weapons” and “high-capacity” magazines as well as “mandatory buy-backs / confiscation” are being widely pushed by Democrats.    

NY’s very own Senator Chuck Schumer has threatened that, under Democrat control, the Senate would do away with its Filibuster Rule.  Democrats only need 50 votes to get rid of the Filibuster rule, which requires 60 votes to end a Filibuster.  (Hey, I’m only reporting the rules I didn’t make them up.)   With no ability to filibuster, there would be no way for Republicans to stop anti 2A legislation from passing.


If Democrats control both houses of Congress, that frees “The Swamp” to take action against 2A without the threat on Congress stopping them - especially action by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE).   One such possible action: what if the BATFE changed technical descriptions under the National Firearms Act (NFA) and reclassified most semi-automatic weapons as “machine guns.”  Virtually every semi-auto rifle – and many pistols – would then be required to be registered under the NFA.  What’s interesting – and threatening – is that those weapons manufactured after May 19, 1986 would technically become illegal because no “machine gun” manufactured after that date can legally be registered.  Tens of millions of semi-automatic guns would suddenly be illegal and millions of gun owners would become criminals if they did not turn in their weapons.  (Rest assured, the government would have buybacks to help ease the pain of having your gun confiscated.  But don’t complain of being depressed over it or New York will confiscate your other guns under Red Flag laws.)

We can probably expect other executive actions of a President Biden. One of many probabilities would be reentering UN Arms Trade treaty.  President Obama signed this but Congress never approved it, as it takes a two-thirds congressional vote to approve treaties.  (Trump withdrew the president’s signature.)  Even with Biden’s signature, it would still lack the two-thirds necessary for approval of a treaty, but would create interesting legal issues.  Would Biden try to use his executive powers to enforce it anyway?  Would individuals and countries sue the USA over alleged violations?  Would the UN attempt to enforce it?

Without a gun rights majority in the US Senate, (if Republicans lost both Georgia elections), there would be little that Congress could do to prevent such executive actions. 

Of course, we could turn to the courts to stop this blatantly unconstitutional gun grab.  That is, you could sue if you have a million bucks to finance the lawsuit.  Who’s got a million bucks?  Mostly, just the NRA – and now you know why NY State’s Attorney General is trying to dissolve the NRA; take away the money to fund lawsuits and the only options left are compliance or insurrection.

And besides, under a Biden-Harris administration and with Democrat control of both houses of Congress, the left would eventually fill the courts with left leaning, anti-gun judges who believe the Constitution says what the left wants it to say, not what the Founding Fathers intended.  In other words, the BATFE would succeed in making gun owners into criminals and the 2nd Amendment would become obsolete.

There are over 677 federal district court judgeships, 179 federal Appeals Court judgeships and 9 federal Supreme Court judgeships that are nominated by the President and approved by the Senate.  President Trump appointed about 300 of these in the past four years.  If Republicans control the Senate, they can veto any far-left, anti 2A nominees for judgeships.  If both Democrats win in Georgia and Democrats control the Senate, nothing will stop the appointment of judges who do not believe in the Constitution. 

All of this increases the possibility of widespread non-compliance with gun laws and heads us into the area of insurrection.  It’s easier to vote than shoot!  Many NY gun owners missed that voting opportunity in November and we need to motivate them in preparation for two years from now.  In addition, anything we can do to help motivate Georgians to vote against the gun grabbers would be wise.

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