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12/22/2020 12:59 PM | Anonymous

Sunday’s Paper by Tom Reynolds

Censoring news stories, for political purposes, has been in the news. (And should be!)  SCOPE sends out these emails to alert you about things that are censored, minimized, buried or ignored in news stories.  We try to inform you, on a timely basis, so you don’t have to wait for monthly magazines.  The following highlights are from Sunday’s Gannett newspapers.  Although not all about 2A, these stories demonstrate that media censorship isn’t confined just to 2A; they will censor anything contrary to their agenda.

A frontpage headline dealt with the rollout of the Covid vaccine and what a huge project it is.  Completely omitted is any mention of President Trump and his administration’s role in developing and distributing the vaccine in unprecedented time.  And absolutely nothing about Trump fulfilling his promise to have it available this year.  (A promise that met with great derision for the media.)

 An Op-Ed lavishly praised the Biden -Harris administration with the headline “Honesty and integrity return to presidency”.  But nowhere in the entire paper was there a mention of the Hunter Biden story which involves Joe Biden in business schemes with the Chinese that would compromise his integrity.  (Isn’t that what the same media talked of – without proof – about Russians and Trump?)

The liberal media now refers to it as the Biden-Harris administration and not the Biden Administration.  Do they now believe that Biden will not finish his term?  A topic they avoided prior to the election – and they still don’t openly discuss.

The Elmira version of Gannett featured a story about how corrupt the local voting practices were in 1905 and, in response, how the leaders of the Democrat and Republican parties reached a bipartisan agreement to clean it up.  It’s only in the last paragraph that it’s mentioned that the agreement lasted only one year because it didn’t work.  (But praise be to political bipartisanship.  Luckily, we don’t have voter fraud in 2020 – it all magically disappeared after 2016!)   

Another article stated that Biden intends to reenter the Paris Climate Accord (Trump pulled us out).  It stressed the urgency of action.  Not mentioned is that China, the world’s largest carbon emitter, will be increasing its emissions until 2030 under the accord.  (So much for urgency.) 

The previous Sunday had an article titled “EU greenhouse gas emissions down 24% since 1990”.  The “European Green New Deal” and the “Paris Climate Accord” got significant space, hoping that the credit for the reduced emissions would reflect on those projects. There was no mention of what actually caused the reductions until the very last sentence of this very last paragraph.  “This drop was driven mainly by…gas”.  Whether you like hydrofracking or not, and the left-wing media does not, it’s the primary driver of reductions.  But let’s bury that fact since it is contrary to the left’s narrative.

What’s not on the paper, besides Hunter Biden? 

Kim Gardener, the George Soros funded, St Louis Circuit Attorney who was prosecuting the McCloskeys for defending their property, with guns, against an Antifa / Black Lives Matter mob, has been removed from the case by a judge.  In fact, her entire office has been removed.  The judge said she violated statutory law and prosecutorial rules of conduct.  (Now, if only a judge would also help Kyle Rittenhouse...)

Portland Oregon now has an “autonomous zone”, much like the one in Seattle (CHOP), last summer.  Apparently, Portland’s protesters learned from Seattle and they have set up multiple barriers, are stockpiling shields and defensive gear and have laid down homemade spike strips to puncture car tires.

Congressman Eric Swalwell was heavily involved – perhaps sexually - with a Chinese spy (who has since fled back to China). Swalwell sits on the house Intelligence Committee and has access to the highest levels of secret intelligence.  Nancy Pelosi refused to remove him from that committee.  (I wonder if American spies in China are nervous, knowing that they might have been pillow talk for Swalwell?)

Biden intends to reenter the Iran nuclear deal but Iran’s President says their nuclear weapons program is non-negotiable and Iran also wants reparations from the USA for Trump’s withdrawal from the deal.  (I wonder where he got the idea for reparations!) 

Raphael Warnock (one of the Democrat candidates in the Georgia Senate election) is accused of anti-Semitism.  In a stunning example of in-your-face, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib have been invited by the Council on American-Islamic Relations [CAIR] to a virtual “vote-a-thon” aimed at encouraging Georgia Muslims to vote for Warnock in the Jan. 5 run-off elections.  (Omar, Tlaib and CAIR have been embroiled in anti-Semitism controversies.)

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