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It’s all related

03/28/2021 2:36 PM | Anonymous

It’s all related  by Tom Reynolds

Many gun owners refuse to get politically involved. There are a lot of excuses for not getting involved; one is that the gun owners do not see the threats to the 2nd Amendment as personally affecting them.  But HR 127 should bring reality back to all gun owners.  This proposed bill would make an $800 insurance policy premium mandatory for all gun owners.  In addition, all gun owners would need to take – and pay for – a mental health evaluation.  That’s right, all gun owners. Do you already own a gun?  You’re included!  Do you only have a pump action shotgun for hunting?  You’re included!  Have an already licensed handgun you only keep in the house for protection?  You’re included!

Some other gun owners, who are involved with 2A defense, are willing to talk about 2A, but they don’t want to talk about other politics.  A mistake.  It’s all politics.  It’s all related.

Ever heard of the Uighurs?  They are a nomadic, Turkic people in northwest China.  In the name of protecting China from domestic terrorism, a million Uighurs have been detained, without criminal charges, and put in “reeducation” camps.  The US State Department, under President Trump, called it genocide.   Others cite enough evidence to call it Crimes against Humanity

Have I turned off a lot of gun owners who say, “So what?  It’s China.  It doesn’t concern me what China does to its own citizens”.  But it should. 

Many Democrats – without any prompting from China - are calling for reeducation of Trump supporters in addition to a hiring ban on former members of the Trump administration. Have you heard about the threat of domestic terrorism and the number one domestic terrorism threat being racist white Trump supporters?  Substitute Uighurs for white people and Trump supporters.

By-the-way, the Uighurs don’t have guns.

How about the politics of economics?  Smithfield Foods was acquired by Chinas biggest meat processorShuanghui International Holdings, in the largest acquisition ever of a U.S. company by a Chinese one.  The Golden Dragon Precise Copper Tube Group built a $100 million plant in Thomasville, Alabama.  These last two are examples of an economic strategy that China is employing to gain control of countries around the world - and in the U.S.A. 

Lots of gun owners, who bothered to read this far, are probably saying, “Big deal.  It’s too bad that New York’s governor and the new President aren’t as interested in American economic development as the Chinese are”.   But here is the “kicker”.  All major Chinese owned companies are directly or indirectly controlled by the Chinese government.  The same Chinese government that will imprison a million of its own Chinese citizens is increasing its economic influence over America and is moving to eventually have the ability to instantly destroy millions of American jobs.  What happens if, for political purposes, China threatens to close one or more major companies in the USA?  American employees will scream at their state and federal legislators to do something.  Jobs will be lost!  Lives destroyed!  China will counteroffer to keep the businesses open if the state and federal government make a few changes; let’s say, for instance…stop enforcing those pesky 1st and 2nd Amendments.  That’s not a big deal to many American politicians, since they don’t really believe in them, anyway. 

Just my imagination?  Can’t happen here?  China is using its economic might for political purposes to dominate many countries. 

Private gun ownership exists in the U.S. for many reasons, but one of the biggest is as a defense against tyranny.  The Chinese government epitomizes tyranny.  Since the communists gained control of China over 70 years ago, the Chinese communists have murdered somewhere between 40 million and 160 million of its own people.  (Estimates vary because, as should be understood, the communists are not eager to supply good statistics on this subject.)  A government that kills tens of millions of its own people will not hesitate to trample on the rights of other countries.  The Chinese communists don’t want to go to war to take over, they just need to have a major impact on our economy. China would like to give Americans a choice: we can keep our jobs or our guns, but not both.

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