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03/28/2021 3:06 PM | Anonymous

Yesterday  by Tom Reynolds

Yesterday morning, SCOPE distributed an email about Communist China’s growing influence over the America’s economy and how it would leverage that power to change American laws and policy.  We used as examples Chinas treatment of the Uighers and China’s use of reeducation camps, which have been labeled Crimes Against Humanity.

Yesterday evening, Breitbart Business Digest distributed the following news release.

Chinese state media outlets, the nation’s Foreign Ministry, and Communist Party-controlled social media launched a multi-pronged attack Wednesday against Nike in retaliation for the company saying it does not use cotton sourced from Xinjiang, a region where the U.S. government says workers are enslaved within China’s so-called “re-education” camps. Chinese “netizens” — social media users whose posts the government approves — are posting photos and videos on the government-controlled social media site Weibo of people throwing out or burning Nike products. Shares of Nike sold off on Thursday, falling 3.44 percent to $128.44, the lowest level in four months.”

“It was a powerful demonstration of the might of the Chinese consumer army and a warning about U.S. policies directed at "opening" the Chinese market. The more U.S. companies are exposed to China's giant consumer base, the more influence China's regime will have over those companies. This is cancel culture on the world stage.”

The point of yesterday’s email emphasized that gun owners cannot ignore economics and politics just because they don’t like economics and politics.  Politics and economics are coming for gun owners (and lots of other American values and traditions).  Whether or not you like Nike, this was a timely demonstration of the growing power of a Chinese government.  A government that will enslave its own people will not hesitate to trample on other people’s rights if it benefits the Chinese Communists.

We have already seen many major American companies attack 2A without any prompting from China.  It will get worse once China starts using its influence.

Gun owners had better start voting and getting active in electing politicians who believe in the 2nd Amendment and will have the backbone to follow through on those beliefs when China uses its economic influence to attack 2A.

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