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Gun-grabbing is Now Infrastructure

04/06/2021 6:52 PM | Anonymous

Gun-grabbing is now infrastructure  by Tom Reynolds

SCOPE has been warning that the anti-gun left-wingers will use any method, both direct and indirect, to destroy the 2nd Amendment.  In the past, we’ve offered examples of their efforts and, unfortunately, the left keep obliging us with more and more.

Anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg funds “Everytown” which, in turn, funded a publication called “The Trace”.  In “The Trace’s” newsletter, it enthusiastically reported that Joe Biden’s $2.3 billion infrastructure plan (which actually contains relatively little for infrastructure) includes a “monumental development in the world of gun violence reduction: The package calls for spending $5 billion on community-based prevention programs…it would set up the federal government’s largest outlay for anti-violence work in history”.

Of course, almost every anti-violence proposal of the left is really a Trojan Horse for more gun control and destroying 2A.  Rest assured that the root causes of violence will be ignored in the rush for more ineffective gun control.  

“The Trace” whines that many anti-gun programs operate on a shoestring.  (Since this is government funding, perhaps 2A defenders should not be as worried as government funding often goes primarily to pay the executives of government funded projects and not towards the purpose of the organization.)  But some will certainly leak out into direct anti-gun publicity and lobbying efforts; the government likes to fund groups to lobby the government for programs the government already wants. 

Biden’s excuse for including a $5 billion anti-violence investment in a so-called jobs bill — as opposed to including it in crime legislation — will probably be that violence impedes the country’s economic health.  This may not seem like radical thinking to you but it will be a radical shift in thinking for Biden and the Democrat left since they ignored the economic cost of violence in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and many other cities during 2020.  Estimates are that the riots caused $2 billion in damages but no estimate as to their economic cost. (Lost jobs for instance.  Anyone in their right mind want to open a new business in downtown Portland or Seattle?) Don’t count on the left-wing media pointing out this inconsistency; hypocrisy is not a sin when Democrats do it.

Of course, when guns are being bought at a record pace, especially by first time gun owners and women, trying to get openly anti-gun legislation passed is not good politics.  Better to bury it in a jobs bill.

"The Trace” further reported that Chico Tillmon, who it described as a veteran violence interrupter in Chicago, was in favor of the bill.  (If there was ever an example of someone who failed at their job, it’s a “Violence Interrupter” in Chicago.  This is someone worth quoting?)  

Basically, the Biden administration has opened the public trough to every radical program, and groups aimed at destroying 2A are bellying up to the trough.

Without question, the “community-based prevention programs” will study the violence issue (in studies done by 2A enemies) and conclude that the answer to violence is fewer guns and eliminating Modern Sporting Rifles, (which are misnamed for political propaganda purposes as Assault Rifles).  The studies will overlook the increasing violence in heavily Democratic cities that already have radical gun control laws and implemented bail reform to release felons.  And none of the studies will dare mention immigration or sanctuary cities since that would label them a racist.  Could Democrat governors, mayors and D.A.’s condoning the 2020 riots have encouraged violence?  Don’t expect the studies to go there.    

Contact your Republican legislators and tell them to not support this bill.  And contact your Democrat legislators and tell them they can’t slip this past you as you know what they are doing.

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