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NYS lawsuit against the NRA

08/11/2020 11:05 AM | Anonymous

NYS lawsuit against the NRA by Tom Reynolds, SCOPE President

The left wants to discredit everything America stands for in order to remove any reason to defend it with our “lives, fortunes or sacred honor”.  For example: Barack Obama’s “apology tour” and the current mob destruction of anything that says America is good.  Now, they’re going after the NRA.

Like it or not, the NRA is the 2nd Amendment’s most powerful advocate.  Obliterating the 2nd Amendment is the ultimate goal of NY’s Attorney General, Letitia James, when she filed a lawsuit to damage and (she hopes) dissolve the NRA.  Even when her lawsuit fails, it will be a success if she discredits the NRA and reduces its political voice during a time when it is most needed.

Yesterday, we wrote about the dirty politics behind this.  Today, let’s look at whether there is any legitimate basis for dissolving the NRA. 

If the NRA did something illegal, shouldn’t someone be charged with breaking a law?  There have been no criminal charges filed against anyone.

Wayne LaPierre’s total compensation, including benefits, was about $2.2 million in 2018.  He also spent a lot of the NRA’s money on travel and security.  You may not like that, but it is not illegal; it is an issue for the NRA’s board.  We may dislike large compensation packages and extravagant perks but they are not unusual for non-profit CEO’s and, except in extreme cases, are not a basis for dissolving an organization. 

There are complicated accusations concerning the relationship between the NRA’s and its former ad agency, Ackerman-McQueen, with expenses being passed through that agency.  It will take detailed investigation to learn the truth. But rest assured, the leftwing media will announce every unfounded rumor in order to sow the seeds of discord within the 2nd Amendment community.  If there is a fraud or tax case to be made against LaPierre (or other NRA members), then NY State and the feds should indict them and present their case in court.  At this time, it hasn’t happened. 

If NRA officers spent money they should not have spent and did something unlawful they should answer for it.  But in that case, the NRA would be the victim of theft, not the perpetrator.  Corruption or bad judgement by officers or employees doesn’t give James a cause of action against the NRA.

We cannot let left wingers, who abhor American values, divide us during this election season.  If the forces that are attacking the NRA are allowed to succeed, they will come for other organizations next.  Gutting the NRA will not only gut the 2nd Amendment but free speech as well.  We must push back, and most importantly, in November we must vote!

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