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Balkanizing America

08/23/2020 2:00 PM | Anonymous

Balkanizing America by Tom Reynolds

Yugoslavia existed for over 70 years.  In 1991, the country started breaking down into independent units and civil wars ensued, which finally ended with six independent states.  Wars - not war - since each independent state fought its own wars.  During the wars, words like genocide, ethnic cleansing and mass starvation were often used and an estimated 250,000 people died. 

What does that have to do with SCOPE and the coming election?

Yugoslavia broke apart for ethnic, religious and historical reasons, which is now called identity politics.  Think of the words being used today: racist, white privilege, white supremacy, systemic racism, capitalists, or any hyphenated Americans.  These words divide us into groups that one of the other groups can hate - or at least blame for whatever went wrong in someone’s life.

There have always been issues in America, but our strength has been moving forward; moving beyond those issues.  One reason for Yugoslavia’s divisions was a battle fought 600 years ago.  In America, does anyone hate “Indians” because of Custer’s Last Stand, 144 years ago?  The Japanese and Germans committed horrendous atrocities during World War II but they are now our allies.  Irish, Italians and Chinese all were discriminated against but are now mainstream Americans.  (That’s right, Americans!  Not hyphenated Americans, just plain Americans.)  It’s been over two generations since the civil rights activities of the 1950’s and 1960’s brought change and produced programs such as Affirmative Action which discriminated in favor of blacks.  The pre-China Virus economy included record low unemployment for almost every “identity politics” group.

Progressives, in order to gain power, are trying to split America apart through identity politics.  In essence, to Balkanize us.  There can be no doubt that their goal is to create a new Yugoslavia here and then break up the United States.  Remember, Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform the U.S.A.  

When the act of an individual, (such as the police officer in Minneapolis who knelt on George Floyd’s neck), is used as a basis for charging systemic racism within police departments (and everywhere else in America) that is wrong and nothing more than another step in balkanizing us.  The left’s systemic racism lie is disproven by the fact that the police chiefs in Seattle and Dallas were black women.  This fact should have been publicized by the main stream media as a rebuttal to the charge of systemic racism.  When the Dallas police chief said, in response to violence, “If you break the law, we will arrest you”, there were calls to fire her.  Rebuttals to the charge of “systemic racism” cannot be tolerated by the left, if they are to achieve balkanizing America.

There are many issues to consider when casting your ballot this November.  Certainly the 2nd Amendment and preserving our Constitution are important.  But we must also keep in mind that we are under attack on many fronts.  Do candidates mindlessly repeat whatever is in fashion about identity politics in order to balkanize us?  Those are not people operating in the best interests of the America we love and will defend.

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