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The Current Playbook Is Old News

08/25/2020 8:16 PM | Anonymous

The Current Playbook Is Old News by Tom Reynolds

Is it difficult to comprehend what is happening and why it is happening?  Uri Bezmenov may help.  He was a KGB defector who was amazingly prophetic in describing the current playbook during a 1984 interview. 

Demoralize the nation by undermining its values; do away with moral values.  Students taught by leftist disciples are indoctrinated into beliefs contrary to American values.  This will change a person’s and eventually society’s perception of reality to the extent that they are unable to reach sensible conclusions in spite of information to the contrary.  (If one sees riots, arson and looting as “peaceful protests”, that would seem to qualify as a refusal to believe truths in spite of evidence to the contrary.)  

Destabilization is the decline in society by destabilizing and subverting the economy, foreign relations, defense and social values.    (Obama “apologized for American foreign relations and defense activities.  The free market economy - Capitalism - is condemned even though it created a huge middle class with tremendous benefits.  Hollywood glorifies activities that were previously condemned and constantly paints American values as evil.) 

Crisis builds on the first two building blocks in order to bring about violent change in the power structure.  (Giving in to terrorist activities and even identifying with the terrorists by kneeling shifts power to those same terrorists. Bring Capitalism down through government closings related to the China Virus and replace Capitalism with “free stuff”.)

New Normal is the cynical way of describing what happens after the crisis.  A world government under a benevolent dictator will solve the crisis.  Big brother giving away “free stuff” subverts a free market economy and transfers more power to the government, which makes people more dependent upon it.   

Intellectuals, journalists and educators are led to believe that they will be the leaders in this new order but they never achieve that goal.  History has shown that, under communism, these people end up as prisoners instead of powerful.  They are, as Lenin put it, “Useful idiots”.  Bezmenov gives specific examples of this purge of the left in Cambodia, Vietnam, Hitler’s Germany, USSR and Poland.  (But those that do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.  Unfortunately, this history is not taught very much in our current politically correct academic circles.)

Bezmenov, who was a soviet defector, pointed out that under a one world government, there is nowhere left to defect to, unlike today where people defect to the United States and rarely from it.

Ronald Reagan warned that freedom is only one generation away from extinction and also warned against blaming society for the acts of one individual.  (The latter would seem to cover the George Floyd reaction.)  We cannot let our weariness at the efforts of the left allow us to be the generation that lost our freedom.  We must react with vigor and determination.  And the best way to do it is to register and vote.

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