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New York State Senate (Part 2)

09/03/2020 12:54 PM | Anonymous

New York State Senate (Part 2) by Tom Reynolds

Yesterday, we discussed the massacre that Republican State Senators endured in 2018, a non-presidential election year.  But this is now 2020 and a presidential election year.

When voting for a state senator, keep in mind that you are also voting for the most powerful person in the Senate, the Majority Leader, which may be more important than your local candidate.  Your vote helps create a majority for your candidate’s party and whichever party has the majority elects a leader from its ranks.  That person has broad powers over everything that happens in the Senate.  The minority party has little (if any) influence. Democrat Andrea Stewart-Cousins of Yonkers is the current Senate Majority Leader and Rob Ortt of Tonawanda would be in line to become the Majority Leader if Republicans regain control of the Senate.  Reports are that, with the lackluster Republicans gone, there is a new energy amongst the new candidates with Ortt and Langworthy (State Republican Committee Chairman) as their leaders. 

There can be no doubt that the leadership of the New York Democratic Party is anti 2nd Amendment and the Republican Party is the only thing that can stop them - if they can regain control of the Senate in the 2020 elections and if they are finally motivated to action once in office.  There is no possibility of gaining control of the Assembly and the governorship is not on the 2020 ballot.

The American Conservative Union Foundation rated NY legislators on conservative issues, which would include gun control.  It puts the most radical left legislators in a class called, Coalition of the Radical Left.  Nearly every member of the Democrat leadership qualified for inclusion, including the majority leader / speaker and their top two deputies in each house.

In 2020 a national census is being conducted and because of it the NY Senate districts will be changed (gerrymandered).  Whoever controls the Senate will be able to restructure districts to their party’s advantage.  If Democrats control the Senate, they will gerrymander Republicans into obscurity for a decade, until the next census occurs.

We can expect a heavy turnout in this year’s election because the Presidency is on the line.  If they turn out, Democrats know they can control New York’s presidential electoral votes, so they will probably do just that.  Republicans must make an extra effort to turn out and vote if they want to stop NY City from steamrolling over Upstate NY. Those that are concerned about the heavily Democrat edge in NY City, should remember that in legislative races, not one vote in New York City is transferable to their district.   Legislative seats are truly a local issue.

Does anyone doubt the Democrat’s leadership is anti-2A?  The local candidate may be pro-gun but they elect the leaders who control the agenda.  If you are appalled by the “peaceful protests” and value your 2nd Amendment rights as a defense against those “protesters”, ask yourself which party will protect your rights?  Is it time to preserve your constitutional rights and switch your registration and your votes?  If you live Upstate it’s vital to protect yourself against the tyranny of New York City's far left liberals.

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