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New York: End-of-Session Typically Means More Gun Control

06/06/2024 8:11 AM | Anonymous

New York: End-of-Session Typically Means More Gun Control

NRA-ILA Wednesday, June 5, 2024
New York is entering the final days of the 2024 legislative session and a flurry of gun control is swirling in Albany. With anti-gun super majorities and limited debate, the unrelentless appetite to penalize gun owners and ignore actual criminals continues. It's critical that gun owners engage by using the take action button below to contact their Assembly members to help stop this last-minute surge.

On Tuesday, the Senate passed several more gun control bills which include:

S.4818 establishes a 10-day waiting period for the purchase of any firearm. The bill passed the Senate 42-19. The Assembly companion bill, A.5696, is still in an Assembly Committee.

S.8479 requires payment card networks to use certain merchant category codes for firearms dealers. This intrusive bill is dangerous and a massive invasion of privacy. This type of data collection is used to create registries and blackball gun owners. The Assembly companion bill, A.9862, is still in committee in the Assembly.

S.2086 establishes a voluntary waiver of the right to purchase firearms, rifles, and shotguns. The Assembly companion bill is A.565 and is still in committee.

S.138A, which strikes a blow to NRA-certified instructors, requires certification of instructors to be done by the Department of Criminal Justice Services. The Assembly companion bill, A.6663A is still in an Assembly Committee.

S.7392A relates to the creation of a public nuisance created by the sale, manufacturing, distribution, importing, and marketing of firearms. This bill and its Assembly counterpart, A.7555A, have both passed.

S.8589/A.7717B relates to extreme risk protection orders. New York already has an ERPO law, but this legislation expands the class of petitioners. The bill has passed both chambers.

There are other bills that remain in the hopper, which are equally bad. Among them, gun owners should be concerned about a lead ammunition ban on state public hunting lands and legislation to certify “personalized firearms” or “smart guns” as technologically viable. This, of course, is nothing more than an attempt to ban the new sale of traditional handguns.

Again, contact your Assembly Member and urge them to oppose any new gun control in the final days of the 2024 session!

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